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preventive maintenance software


preventive maintenance software

Sabre64 Preventive Maintenance Software was designed to simplify and enhance your preventive maintenance program. With the help of good preventive maintenance software, an effective preventive maintenance program will catch maintenance problems early, reduce equipment downtime and keep equipment running in top condition. Because of this, an effective preventive maintenance program always results in reduced costs and maximized profits.

Sabre64 Preventive Maintenance Software contains all the tools necessary to set up, schedule and track a preventive maintenance program that gets results.


Sabre64 preventive maintenance Software features

Preventive Maintenance

•Helps the user organize equipment into groups with identical preventive maintenance requirements, optimizing the use of scheduled down-time.

•Creates and monitors preventive maintenance intervals, patterns, and tasks.

•Alerts the user when a PM task is due or approaching, ensuring timely completion of preventive maintenance jobs.

•Allows the user to create schedules for upcoming or due PMs.

•Helps the user create work orders for preventive maintenance jobs.

•Helps the user create and print detailed work sheets for mechanics, increasing job accountability and ensuring jobs are done correctly each time.

•Monitors and keeps a record of failure trends, equipment breakdowns and unscheduled repairs, making it easier to analyze and improve the preventive maintenance program



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