J.W. Rushton 1978


1.     Low morale is a time honored excuse for laziness and inefficiency.

2.     Seniority is a time honored excuse for the ineffective supervisor to avoid the real need of disciplining the unmotivated subordinate.

3.     Ethics is mandatory (maintenance, production and life in general).

4.     The union is not necessarily the enemy. Mediocrity is always an enemy.

5.     The supervisor that says he is disciplining regularly, but it is all verbal, is lying.

6.     The statement that maintenance workers will work better if no one is looking over their shoulder is a lie.

7.     An effective planner is not a clerk, was never meant to be a clerk, should never be paid as a clerk, and should never be assigned routine clerical duties.

8.     To install an effective planned maintenance program you must have a planner.

9.     A slow decision maker should get out of maintenance immediately.

10.  Most checklists are so bad that they are a detriment to an effective PM program.


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