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Sabre64 is a complete maintenance management software package designed to give maintenance managers the tools necessary to monitor and control every variable that affects maintenance, inventory and purchasing.

• front-line cost collecting •fuels & lubes • maintenance scheduling
• work orders • tires • preventive maintenance
• purchasing & requisitioning • warranties

• issuing & receiving parts

• equipment performance • employees • components & wear materials


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maintenance management software advantages competitive advantages
Fully Customizable Sabre64 Maintenance Management Software is fully customizable. Modules and reports can be adjusted to fit your environment; the program can be used stand-alone, or networked for hundreds of users; and the software can be run in virtually any language.
Driven by Experience Sabre64 Maintenance Software was developed and written by people with years of real-world maintenance management experience, not just programmers. The people designing and improving Sabre64 know what you really need to make maintenance run smoothly.
Real World Solution Sabre64 Maintenance Software was field-tested from the beginning in real environments, meaning it's designed to handle your real-world problems and needs.
Complete Training Affordable, complete training at installation allows accelerated learning of the already easy-to-use preventive maintenance software.
Versatile Sabre64 Maintenance Management Software is versatile. Its wide variety of features and package options allow it to be used effectively as mining software,construction software, manufacturing software, transportation software, plant maintenance software, fleet maintenance get the point.
Advanced Reporting & Security Dozens of customizable reports allow easy analysis of every detail collected, and advanced security features make sure those details stay in the right hands.
Affordable Sabre64 Maintenance Software is affordable. Some of our competitors charge as much as 10 times more for software with the same capabilities.

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maintenance management software technical details Technical details
• Sabre64 is a multi-user program that can be used on a stand-alone system or on a network.
• Sabre64 runs on Windows 7 or above.
• The Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio16 Database Server runs on Windows Server 2008 64bit  or above.
• Sabre64 has 2-tier architecture, and is scalable.

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maintenance management software package options package options
Sabre64 is typically sold as a complete maintenance management software package, consisting of a maintenance module, an inventory module and a purchasing module. We realize, however, that individual companies have different needs when it comes to maintenance management software. Some need every feature available, some are looking for a less complex solution. To ensure that Sabre64 meets your needs and pricing requirements, a number of packages are avaiable:
One Module Package:

Maintenance Management Module or Inventory Management Module

Two Modules Packages:

Maintenance Management & Inventory Management Modules or Inventory Management & Purchasing Management Modules

Sabre64 Lite Package: Client indicates which features, screens and capabilties are needed, and a custom licensing package is created to suit their needs.


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